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I would like to introduce myself, my name is Antonio, in this section you will get to know a little more about who is behind the PsicoLGTB Center. It's a few minutes that will help you to get to know me both academically and personally, I think it is important to know, not only your curriculum but also "personal". Whether you work with me or with one of the psychologists who are part of the team, I think it is important to know the creator of this project.

Starting with the more curricular-formal part, I am Dr. Antonio Ortega López, PhD in psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid with the qualification of "cum laude" unanimously, in the doctorate of clinical health and forensic psychology, conducting the first national study on abuse in homosexual couples, having participated more than 3000 homosexual men residing in Spain and Argentina.

Close, professional and empathic

I say doctor not because I need to be called doctor, my patients call me Antonio, but it is 5 years of preparation to become a doctor and in a way it is like rewarding myself. Besides, you can see how my thesis is oriented to the homosexual community, being a very enriching project that has made me grow enormously as a researcher and clinician. But I don't like to be called "you", nor such formal labels as "doctor", I like to be called "you", although some patients call me "Doc" affectionately, for now Antonio is enough.

Continuing with the formalities, I am a member of the official college of psychologists of Madrid, and I am a health psychologist; two necessary procedures to be able to practice as a clinical psychologist. I have an extensive training along with the title of doctor: master in sex and couple therapy, master in behavioral therapy, master in transactional analysis, master in hypnosis, expert in affirmative psychotherapy LGTB+ by the American Association for marriage and family therapy in California, expert in Mindfulness, EMDR therapist, to name a few. I would like to highlight my training in EMDR as it is a trauma-based psychotherapy that has been a breath of fresh air in therapies with the LGBT+ community. In continuous training to provide a more effective service to my patients, this EMDR psychotherapy has improved psychological care in an exponential way.
But apart from this academic training, my greatest training has been thanks to my patients, in these 15 years of experience seeing hundreds of people belonging to the LGTB+ community. Experience marked by the knowledge that theoretical training is almost nonexistent in universities in relation to the specific problems of the LGTB+ community, both individuals and couples. The training mostly has to be self-taught, or as in my case as I have commented, thanks to all the patients I have seen in these 15 years.

I have worked on a wide variety of problems, problems common to heterosexual patients, which I also see in my practice, but also issues specific to homosexual men, or at least more common than in heterosexual patients: sexual addictions, gay men or women who do not feel part of either the LGTB+ community or the heterosexual community, men who use drugs to have sex or simply to escape their emotional emptiness, men and women who cannot find a partner, who have been abused by their partners or family members, men who have just received the news that they have HIV or who have discovered that their partner has it, women who do not find their place, who have inhibitions to enjoy their sexuality, people who are afraid that the part of themselves that they hide so much will be discovered, or who have already experienced rejection after having dared to do so. All of them have put themselves in my hands to be happier, to reorient their lives, thanks to all of them today I have thousands of hours of individual consultation, which are what have made me what I am, a psychologist, sex therapist and couples therapist specializing in the LGTB+ community, and a professional reference among psychology clinics focused on the LGTB+ community.
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My experience in the practice of psychology and psychotherapy has focused on helping my patients to live fully, accompanying them on the path of finding their meaning in life and providing them with tools to face difficult moments, which are inevitable. My training is in cognitive-behavioral therapy and third generation therapies, and my specialty is the management of anxiety, depression, grief processes, emotional management and self-esteem. I have been trained as an EMDR therapist with the EMDR Association of Spain, as well as in Mindfulness-based therapies. Each person is different, so I adapt the techniques and therapies to each case. In this way, the therapeutic experience will be unique, and I always approach it with respect, trust and teamwork.
My intention is to accompany you throughout the process of learning and growth that therapy entails until you get better at what you set out to do. The sessions will be a safe and trusting space for us to achieve this.

Psychology currently has a multitude of therapeutic approaches, which, in many people, can generate the doubt of which will be the most appropriate for their case. From my point of view, rather than seeing it as a disadvantage to have to choose which one is better, I think it is an advantage, because we can take from each approach what is most convenient. This way we get an integrated approach and always from the scientific evidence.

Precisely, in order to be able to carry out this integrative intervention, I have continued to train myself constantly. Starting from a cognitive-behavioral basis, like many colleagues, I also use third generation therapies and EMDR. Other approaches that help me a lot in my professional practice are working from the perspective of attachment and trauma, humanistic orientation and, of course, affirmative psychology is always present.
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Other collaborators

Rafael Baena
Some of the therapeutic processes temporarily require the inclusion of psychiatric help, for which we have the collaboration of the psychiatrist Rafael Baena. The decision to begin psychiatric treatment will be agreed upon by the patient, psychologist and the psychiatrist himself, always taking into account its temporary nature.
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If you are a psychologist with training in EMDR, belonging to the LGTB+ community and want to be part of the PSICOLGTB team do not hesitate to get in touch by sending your cv and a cover letter".

If you are not a psychologist but you think you can collaborate in some other way from PsicoLGTB we will be happy to hear from you".
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Do you belong to the LGTB+ community? Do you want to become a psychologist with us? If you have just finished your degree or you are looking for a place to do your final internship, please contact us. Possibility to continue with us after the internship period.

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Do you belong to the LGBT+ community? Do you want to train as a psychologist with us? If you have just finished your degree or are looking for a place to do your final internships, contact us. Possibility of continuing with us once the internship period has passed.
Franja LGTB
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