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Dynamics of the sessions

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An appointment is made by contacting by phone either by call or by WhatsApp or through e-mail or contact form. The WhatsApp option is the most comfortable. The day and time of the first session will be agreed and if it is face-to-face or online and the psychologist who will be able to start working with you, taking into account their availability.

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In the first therapeutic interview, a general evaluation of the reason for consultation is carried out, in order to have a clear idea of the therapeutic objective or objectives. The dynamics of therapy will be explained, the rules to be taken into account in therapy will be delivered. If you decide to start therapy you will register on the web to download the necessary files to start therapy, if for any reason you do not want to register on the web these files will be sent to you by mail, although it is much more comfortable to have a user on the web.

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Once the objectives have been determined through the evaluation in the first session, a more specific evaluation of the most important plots of the patient (family, work, social, sexual and couple history…) would be carried out, with the objective of having a reference of the patient to be able to help us in the present problem. The number of evaluation sessions can vary between 3 and 5 sessions, all approximate.

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Once the evaluation sessions have been carried out, the “diagnosis” will be returned, the origins of the problem, the causes that maintain it and the intervention to be carried out (intervention based on EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, transactional analysis, sexual therapy, of couple, hypnosis and others, always adapting the intervention and the use of techniques to the individuality of the patient)

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Intervention, the number of sessions will depend on the problem to be treated and the objectives, there are problems that can be solved in a few sessions and others in which a longer period may be needed, especially if deep personal growth is sought.

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As there are several psychologists that are part of PSICOLGTB, if you want to change psychologists, you can talk to your current psychologist. Theoretical knowledge is important and that is guaranteed by the professionals who work at PSICOLGTB, but we understand that a connection with the therapist to be able to carry out a therapeutic process.

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Most of our psychologists have lived in Anglo-Saxon or Francophone countries, so they are bilingual to care for patients who are not comfortable with Spanish and prefer to use English or French.

Service Modalities

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Face-to-face therapy
The face-to-face sessions are held in the office in the center of Madrid, on Calle Mayor 4; in an emblematic building such as the Palazuelo house; we want the service to be outstanding from the first moment.
The sessions last 50 minutes (so that the psychologist has a 10-minute break between sessions, as an example of the self-care that we want to transmit to patients) both the individual and couple sessions online and face-to-face have the same duration. The sessions are usually weekly, but depending on the severity of the case, two sessions per week, one session every ten days or one session every 15 days may be necessary. During the first evaluation sessions, more than 2 sessions per week can be carried out.
Online Therapy
Aimed at people who live outside of Madrid, either in the rest of Spain or abroad. For these sessions you will only need to have an Internet connection, a webcam (if you want to carry out the session with a webcam) and an instant messaging system such as Skype or Zoom. The duration of the session is 50 minutes, the same as the face-to-face sessions. It is a method increasingly used by people who cannot travel to a consultation, due to time or who prefer to perform therapy from home. This method has proven to be highly effective and within a few years it will be the preferred method for most patients.
For patients who are in a different time zone, an agreement will need to be reached, always bearing in mind that our therapists are located in Spain, although we serve worldwide.
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