Cardiac coherence

The HeartMath Institute creates and develops the cardiac coherence system with two pillars: a set of techniques that increase cardiac coherence and a variety of biofeedback devices to measure it.

Their combined use favors a better brain-heart connection and a better synchronization of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and the whole organism (psycho-physiological coherence). This allows the development of resilience and improves the ability to cope with stress and unpleasant states, thus contributing to the development of well-being and the potential of individuals.

The techniques combined with coherence biofeedback make it possible to train and improve the functioning of the ANS in a simple and practical way. The HeratMath System is applied today with great success in schools, universities, organizations, clinics and hospitals as it has demonstrated a high effectiveness in addressing various problems (stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, ADHD, etc.), and is recommended by renowned experts in addressing psychic trauma (such as Andrew Leeds or

What is EMWAVE?

It is a biofeedback tool, created by the Heart Math Institute, that helps regulate emotions and manage stress through training.  The emWave technology allows a sophisticated reflection of the heart rate. The heart rate reflects the emotional state of the person and this makes it possible to become aware of and change one’s mood.

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