Differences between coaching and psychological therapy

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What is it?
Psychology: Science that deals with the study and analysis of the behavior and mental processes of individuals and human groups in different situations, whose field of study covers all aspects of human experience.
Coaching: Training Methodology in skills, emotions and behaviors that promotes self-knowledge and contact of the person with their environment through the integration of tools and knowledge from multiple disciplines (psychology, neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience and philosophy, among others). It allows you to face development in a practical way from a personal, professional or team point of view.
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How can you help me?
Psychology: You will be able to overcome and improve your behavior through intervention in pathologies, psychological disorders and overcoming problems.
Coaching: You will be able to achieve the objective that you set for yourself and that you still do not know how to do through the accompaniment in your personal development.
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When to choose it?
Psychology: When a present situation, even from the past, has a direct impact on your conduct, your personal or work environment and hinders your development.
Coaching: When there is a goal that you want to achieve in the future, and currently you don't know how to get there, and this can cause you some kind of blockage.
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How is the proccess?
Psychology: Through therapist-patient sessions that last as long as necessary to resolve/improve the cause of the consultation.
Coaching: Through a coach-client process with a finite duration in which each session addresses a partial objective that contributes to achieving the main goal defined by you at the beginning of the process, establishing actions that allow you to progress towards it.
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When it ends?
Psychology: Both the psychologist and you can end the therapy process according to the progress.
Coaching: The completion will always be marked by you, after considering if you have achieved the objective set, or if you have the necessary tools and resources to achieve it.

Personal Coaching

The focus is placed on those issues that make you different and that, although you are not yet aware of them, make you special, a unique and wonderful person.

You will be invited to delve into them, analyzing them from universal values ​​such as freedom, respect, empathy and, of course, from your own scale of values ​​to ensure that you turn them into your most valuable abilities.

In addition, we want to promote what we call Inclusive Differences to achieve acceptance, ourselves and others, of all ways of thinking, feeling, loving… in short, of all ways of being in the world as long as they are based on those values. universals of freedom, respect and empathy.

We fully trust you and your abilities, even without having met yet, and we are sure that you are capable of getting where you want. You just have to get to work!

Coaching will help you get to that place you dream of and that you still haven’t managed to get to. Anyone at any time or in any circumstance in our lives needs to look within to find out what is happening, what has prevented us and/or prevents us from getting to where we would like, and how we can achieve it.

As a coach, we will accompany you in this search and on this path so that you can find your own objectives, resources, tools and develop a set of actions that will lead you to your goal.

Couple or family coaching

The family bond generally creates the first team of which we are a part, however, from then on our relationship systems expand and grow, and from all of this emotional and relational management needs arise that are useful for us to enjoy our nucleus. familiar, whatever its form.

Family and Couple Coaching helps drive the members of a family unit towards a common goal, adding the experiences, differences and abilities of each one to reach that desired place as a whole.

A family, a couple or a polyamorous relationship is always a unique and particular system that has its own entity and personality, where the contribution, skills and emotional intelligence of each of its members makes the difference towards success. In this sense, from Family and Couple Coaching we will address those objectives that affect both its members and the family nucleus and that are aimed at improving both.

We will work together through different techniques, tools and even training (if necessary) to push your family/partner towards the best version possible. As Coach, we will act as facilitators so that both together and individually you can move towards that place you want or towards the goal you set for yourself.

Executive coaching

Through Executive Coaching we accompany professionals in this search and on this path so that they can find their own objectives, resources, tools and develop a set of actions that lead them to achieve their goals.

At the executive level, Coaching helps professionals achieve different objectives focused on improving their professional development in different areas, such as, among others:

  • skills development
  • Setting and achieving objectives
  • Time management
  • Adaptation to change
  • Communication with customers and employees
  • Team management

In general, in everything that, at a professional level, you want to consider as a goal and that has not yet been achieved.

Team Coaching (Companies)

Team Coaching helps drive teams toward a common goal, pooling their skills and experiences to turn them into High Performance Teams.

A team is always a unique and particular system that has its own entity and personality, where the contribution of each one of its members makes the difference towards success. In this sense, from Team Coaching we will deal with those objectives that affect both the company and the team and that are aimed at improving both.

Company training

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness and understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and eliminate biases that prevent teams and people from taking full advantage of their potential. That is why Diversity and Inclusion training is linked to talent management and commitment in the organization.
In all the trainings we will address, with different depth, some common topics:

  • Unconscious biases
  • Visibility of talent
  • Acceptance and
  • Management of differences
  • Knowledge of the problems of different groups
  • inclusive communication

Some of the training we have done are:

  • LGTBIQ+ diversity.
  • Public or Private matter?
  • Inclusive
  • Communication.
  • Beyond gender
  • Diverse Families
  • Reconciliation and
  • LGTBIQ+ collective
  • inclusive leadership
  • LGTBIQ+ talent
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