Family therapy

What is

It is a method of treatment that attempts to resolve conflicts or situations that a family group is going through; it is used for its members to express their feelings about the problem and try to reach an agreement, understanding each other and approaching the reality of the rest. It is important to mention that one of the main objectives of family therapy is to convert the destructive criticisms that are manifested within the family environment into something constructive.
If you have conflicts with your family of origin or you are facing difficult moments with your partner and your children, the family counseling service is for you.
We attend homoparental families, LGTB+ people with children and parents of LGTB+ people.
The reasons for consultation at the family level may or may not be related to the sexual orientation or gender identity of one of its members. A safe, professional and confidential therapeutic space is provided to promote the well-being of the family.
In those cases in which hostility between two or more members is very acute, the therapist will advise that patients be treated in separate sessions, as well as together, in order to delve into the individual conflicts that lead each to behave in a certain way towards the other. This means that family therapy sessions do not necessarily include all members of the group. The decision will depend on the professional and the needs of the family.
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