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The hypnosis is not considered as a psychotherapy from the center PSICOLGTB, as yes it would be EMDR, Hypnosis is another of the techniques that we use in the center and we want to explain in that it consists and to clarify some myths, we do it because many potential clients ask for “to do hypnosis”.

It has been used for hundreds of years, even there are writings of how it was used in the temples of the dream in Egypt, in the last years every time they are more people that demand the treatment with hypnosis and although in some treatment like to stop smoking with hypnosis and to lose weight with hypnosis, the hipnoterapia has become very popular being one of the specialties more demanded, we would like to emphasize from PSICOLGTB that the hypnosis is a technique not a psychotherapy, one more tool to use in the therapeutic processes as the “quit smoking” and that the hypnosis cannot be neither must be the only technique that is used to obtain it, that always must be used in collaboration with other techniques, and that a correct evaluation will indicate if the hypnosis will be of utility in his process.

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