Mentoring (case supervision)

The supervision of clinical cases has the objective of helping to resolve the cases that the psychologist faces in his daily practice (clarifying the doubts that may arise, confirming the approach and techniques used, etc.), especially when the professional is just starting his activity.

But, in addition, this is a tool that can benefit any psychologist in clinical practice (even with years of experience), as it also helps to enhance the therapeutic skills that are put in place during the exercise of our profession and, ultimately, to offer our patients a quality therapy.

Psicólogo LGTB

If you want to supervise cases of your patients belonging to the LGTB+ community you can hire a supervision of approximately 60 minutes with me.

Psychological supervision
90 €
Important: To perform supervisions it is necessary to have the official title of psychologist or doctor.
Duration: 60 min. approx.
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