Who am I?
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Antonio, in this section you will know a little more who is behind PsicoLgbt. I would like to introduce myself both academically and personally, I think it is important to know who you are going to work with, not only their curricular training but also “personal”

Beginning with the most curricular-formal part, I am Dr. Antonio Ortega López, Doctor in Psychology by the Complutense University of Madrid with the qualification of “cum laude”; unanimously, in the doctorate of clinical psychology, health and forensic, carrying out the first national study on abuse in homosexual couples, having participated more than 3000 homosexual men resident in Spain and Argentina.

I’m not saying doctor because I need to be called doctor, my patients call me Antonio, but it’s 5 years of preparation to be a doctor and somehow it’s like rewarding myself. In addition, you can see how my thesis is oriented to the homosexual community, being a very enriching project that has made me grow enormously as a researcher and as a clinician. But I don’t like to be called by you, nor labels as formal as a doctor, I like to be tuteen, although some patients call me “Doc” affectionately, for now Antonio is enough.

Continuing with the formalities, I am a member of the official college of psychologists in Madrid, and I am a health psychologist; two procedures necessary to be able to practice as a clinical psychologist. I have a wide training together with the doctor’s degree: master in sexual and couple therapy, master in behavior therapy, master in transactional analysis, master in hypnosis, expert in affirmative LGBT psychotherapy by the American Association for marriage and family therapy in California, expert in Mindfulness, EMDR therapist, to name a few. In continuous training to give a more effective service to my patients. I am currently writing a book on therapy in homosexual couples, a book that can be understood by anyone, a simple book and I hope to finish soon. The aim of the book is to create a first guide aimed at homosexual couples, to make their relationships work, as there is no book on the subject at present.

But apart from this academic training, my greatest training has been thanks to my patients, in these 10 years of experience already seeing hundreds of people belonging to the LGBT community. Experience marked by the knowledge that theoretical training is almost nil in universities in relation to the specific problems of the LGBT community, both individuals and couples. The training mostly has to be self-taught, or as in my case as I said, thanks to all the patients I have seen in these 10 years.

I have worked on a great variety of problems, problems common to heterosexual patients, which I also attend in my practice, but also specific issues of homosexual men or that at least occur more frequently than in heterosexual patients: sexual addictions, gay men or women who do not feel part of the LGBT community, or the heterosexual community, men who use drugs to have sex or simply to escape from their emotional void, men and women who do not find a partner, who have been abused by their partners or family members, men who have just received the news that they have HIV or who have discovered that their partner has it, women who can not find their place, who have inhibitions to enjoy their sexuality, people who are afraid that that part of themselves that they hide so much will be discovered, or who have already experienced rejection by daring to do so. All of them have put themselves in my hands to be happier, to reorient their lives, thanks to all of them today I have thousands of hours of individual consultation, which are what have made me what I am, a psychologist, sex therapist and couple specializing in the LGBT community, and a professional reference among psychology clinics focused on the LGBT community.

In addition to the above, there is a fundamental part of my growth as a person and as a professional that I would like to add, having lived in England for 5 years, which has allowed me to master the language to be able to perform therapies in English, but also grow as a person enormously.

In these 10 years seeing patients, I have met wonderful people, generous people, people who I can say are friends nowadays, I know that many fellow psychologists will not agree with my closeness when it comes to work, but I do not know how to do it any other way and I believe it is key to the success achieved. Patients need closeness, with limits and respect, but above all they need to feel understood, loved and guided, learning at the same time how to be self-sufficient.

In this web I hope you find a solution to your problems, it is the web that I have created with a lot of illusion, a project that I have always had and that I would have liked to find myself when as a child, adolescent, pre adult and homosexual adult, I suffered the problems that every person has no matter their sexual orientation, but also added those related to being born in a homophobic society in an explicit or subtle way. I would have liked to find a professional who understands me, because in the end what we want and seek is to be happy to love and to beloved. I hope I can help you on that road.

To finish and summarize if you are still with me in this reading…

Psychologists really like the idea of “tell me three virtues or three words that define you, but don’t think too much”;.My three virtues or three words that would define me as a psychologist and a person would be  “close, professional and empathetic”.

A cordial greeting to all and remember to love you and be your best friend, at the end each morning there will be a person with who you will always wake up, with yourself, “take care”.

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