CONTRACT PREPARATION: Once you have answered each of the questions in the first part you will have enough information to be able to write a contract that includes the rules of this new style of relationship. A contract before starting with the open relationship that includes rules, boundaries or boundaries that must not be crossed. Here is an example of a contract.

Although the contract shown indicates revision every two weeks, the time in which it would be reviewed will depend on each couple, in fact it is important that if a member of the couple does not feel comfortable speaking as soon as possible to make the necessary changes. It is a new experience, the signed contract is modifiable, the experience is what will tell if there are new rules to add, modify or delete.

UAn open relationship is not synonymous with failure or success. It is one more option that only the components of the couple should decide. Whatever you decide, remember that it is you who set the rules, choose the ones that will make you happier. There are couples that once open decide to close them do not forget that you decide to open it so you can also decide to close it again. Communication, communication and more communication are the fundamental pillars for a relationship to work.

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Cordial greetings

Dr. Antonio Ortega López.

Psychologist, sex and couples therapist specializing in the LGTB community

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